Circular product development

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Circular product development PolyCE

Circular product development

PolyCE is a European Commission funded project that has taken up the challenge of creating a more sustainable life cycle of e-plastic materials. Pezy Group was part of the PolyCE consortium. It consisted of 20 expert organizations working together to significantly reduce the use of virgin plastics and improve the use of recycled plastics in new electronics applications. The experts of the PolyCE consortium share the latest circular guidelines and insights.

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Success with and in the chain

By using more recycled and renewable materials as raw materials for new products, we create a circular product in a circular economic model. All the players within the plastic industry value chain are required in order to achieve this successfully. Pezy Group helps companies break through the traditional take-make-waste design process.

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Our Drop-in method

Our design process is geared to the entire plastic value chain. We design products suitable for recycling (Design FOR Recycling) or based on recycled materials (Design FROM Recycling). We use materials in such a way that they remain of the highest quality possible throughout the entire cycle of use and reuse.

With the “Design for Recycling” approach, it is possible for the waste processors to process your plastic product into a new raw material for new quality products. With “Design from Recycling” we design your product based on recycled plastics. By using these materials, we close the chain and create less waste. The challenge here is to meet all the demands that the material will be subject to during and after the life of the product. The knowledge and experience with “virgin” plastics are no longer applicable here, while the properties of recycled plastics are still largely unknown. With more than 10 years of experience in the application of recycled plastics, we have developed a pragmatic Drop-In method. With this, we deliver your design of a quality product made from recycled plastics.


Circular product development

Cases in circular product development


Three crucial design tools

The Pezy Group Drop-in method includes three main tools;

  1. Complexity Scan; how complex would it be to make your product circular? Which products or parts are the most interesting to start with?
  2. “Six steps to Approval”. In six steps we go from material selection to release of your product designed on the basis of recycled plastics with the right properties.
  3. Watch & Learn. At each step, we demonstrate the performance of the material in aesthetic and mechanical terms using injection mold tests and demonstrators.

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Three Pillars of Circular Development