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Accelerating product development through an integrated approach

Do you have a product that you want to bring to market in a shorter period of time? How do you effectively go from concept to production? A shorter lead time is achieved with a good start and management of the correct disciplines. By focusing on fast prototyping (the rapid creation of first prototypes), we can create a faster insight into feasible solutions. Development and production in sync.

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Accelerated product development


Plastic products

Design, produce and test

Would you like to know at an early stage whether your product is popular with consumers, works functionally or is user-friendly? MVPs, or first working looks like real prototypes, help you test with users whether your concept meets a need and demand. Would you like a better insight into your concept? We accelerate your development process!

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Whether initial product dummies, CAD simulations or strength tests are required to make design decisions, we apply them intensively in the various project stages. Inventing – creating – testing produces a lot of insight and has been the basis of our work for 25 years.


Smart product development


Complexity under control

Products that combine ease of use, connectivity and a variety of functions require a clear process and a grip on the overall product architecture. Whether it concerns the design of ultramodern packaging machines or smart water sensors for agriculture. With the right tools, we develop the product hardware, functions and usage in the comprehensive solution you are looking for.

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