Philips Senseo Viva Café Eco

Old Senseo housings, high quality re-use


50% recycled, 100% quality

The Senseo Viva Café Eco consists of 50% recycled plastic. With this product, Philips wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to make beautiful, high-quality products from recycled material. However, recycled material has different properties than new material. How do you properly use recycled material? What should you pay attention to? How do you validate the quality of recycled plastic? In this project, we supported Philips in validating and learning to handle recycled plastic in product development and production. The knowledge developed in this project regarding material choices has been developed through extensive testing and injection moulding tests and is still the basis of other circular development projects.

Combining our extensive plastic knowledge with the production of test parts in our Pilot Factory forms the basis of design solutions. Developing test moulds, validating material samples and translating them into production moulds are important aspects of our work. For a smooth start of production. Provide support to the producer for the start of production with recycled plastics.

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Product photo: Philips Senseo Viva Café Eco