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Smart and sustainable, designed in 'r-Plastic'


Modular and circular in one

Wireless Value in Drenthe is the expert in the field of radio antenna technology and measurement data processing. They supply this wireless technology to industry, tech companies, factories, growers and laboratories. Measurement results are visible in real time and can be viewed from anywhere via your mobile or computer. The request? Reducing the product portfolio to four basic models that can deliver a range of designs. The result: a smart range with its own recognizable design made from recycled plastics.

We developed this multifunctional design by integrating multiple functions into one design made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This material does not affect the measurement of the diversity of sensors used and fully complies with circular design principles. This means that these casings are just as high in quality as previous casings made of virgin (new) plastic. The design contains both Design For Recycling as well as Design From Recycling principles.

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Bas Visser

CEO Wireless Value

One of the reasons for working with Pezy Group was the option to develop as well as produce our small series. It was nice to have everything done under one roof. This gave us security, the design is good, the product works and production runs smoothly. All our needs have been taken care of and I appreciate the informal contact we have with the employees of Pezy Group.

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