Complex plastic solutions

25 years of product innovation and optimization!


Optimal application

Do you want a more beautiful, smarter, more durable or cost-effective product? At Pezy Group we work on innovative solutions, especially in the field of complex plastic products. With all expertise under one roof; design, engineering, rapid tooling and injection molding, we can accelerate your product development. Knowledge of plastics is in our DNA and we like to surprise you with it!

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Cases in plastics development

Pezy Pilot Factory

Series production Pilot Factory Pezy Group

A plastics ‘knowledge factory’

The knowledge of our pilot factory plays an important role in our development process. We can create our designs in-house, and test the solutions for results and quality. This has allowed us to develop extensive knowledge with which we can develop smarter and faster. Are you looking for a more efficient design process and smart plastic applications?

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