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Pezy Group has been providing interim specialists to a select group of clients for over 25 years. We offer a complete service in providing a flexible pool of specialists who can be deployed immediately. Thanks to our many years of experience, our interim professionals have all the necessary knowledge to assist your team during temporary or complex and long-term projects. This way you can quickly replenish your team for new assignments or other challenges. Together with you, we determine what competencies the interim professionals should bring to your team in order to complement them in a qualitative way. In addition, we ensure that we have a good understanding of your culture, systems and methodologies. This way we have a maximum added value for your organization and your development projects.

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The right specialists on-site

With offices in Groningen, Eindhoven and Houten, our interim specialists are spread throughout the Netherlands. Naturally, we are also willing to travel outside these regions. This ensures that our engineers and product developers can be deployed virtually anywhere in the country. Even if you have multiple offices in the Netherlands, we can find a suitable interim professional for multiple offices. Of course we will search for the most optimal solution for both parties.



Specialists at medior, senior and management level

Do you need extra hours on short notice for your product development or a specialist to help you out? Pezy Group’s interim professionals are available to support you and your team. You can contact us for excellent temporary specialists at medior, senior and management level. Together we will find the right match for your company and the project at hand. Our team has years of experience in product development and can quickly read up on current projects and offer a fresh perspective. This allows us to quickly become of significant value within your team.


Quickly deployable technicians

Finding suitable personnel quickly can be a challenge.┬áPezy Group can also provide the required knowledge and skills at short notice.┬áBecause an application procedure generally takes up a lot of time, hiring an interim professional is a lot faster than hiring a temporary employee. In addition, when you hire an interim professional from Pezy Group, you quickly know where you stand. Before the interim professional starts, agreements have already been made about the duration and the costs of the assignment. This way, you have enough staff to take on assignments and meet deadlines, you don’t miss out on any turnover and you can continue with your daily work. With our hands-on approach and specialist knowledge, Pezy Group’s interim specialists are a good addition to your team. This also offers you a nice bridging period to complete a project or to find the perfect candidate for the position.

We have a lot of practical knowledge in house, which we are happy to share with our partners. Are you curious about the possibilities or do you have questions about the use of our interim professionals for your project? Call us or contact us via the contact form on our contact page.

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