Successful co-creation from first concept to mass production

Vacuvita Home Base

From sketch to market within 12 months

Braster Tester - Revolution in breast cancer screening

Agribusiness in the age of smartphones

Dacom Sensetion

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We are a group of passionate specialists that accelerates your innovation by creating brands, products & equipment

Creating the perfect sphere

Philips Living Colors

Smoothly integrated

TomTom & Iveco docking system

When reliability can make the difference

SKF seal test rig

Go where no sensor has gone before

Incas³ Wisemotes

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Mechanical product development of different railway scanning solutions for Fugro Raildata.

Successful launch of the Eneco Warmtewinner

Pezy Group has supported Eneco and Inventum in the design and development of this unique product, the packaging and supported in the engineering process

Small Series Production

In-house equipment to quickly deliver tangible solutions

When safety really matters

SKF bearing tester

World's first fully plastic framed buggy

Quinny Yezz

Modelling & Simulation

Early insight in product behavior

Maximizing the navigated cycling experience


One size fits all

Adlens Adjustables

Bye bye keys

Salto Clay

Inform, impress, inspire

Bosch conferencing unit

The Pezy Group leadership team

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Turning vision into visuals

Zown, an Alliander initiative

Accelerating innovation

by working together in multidisciplinary teams

We define, develop and realize clever solutions

Pezy Group speaking at innovation roundtable summit Copenhagen

Heat it up

Marel Industrial spiral oven

Reinventing the mobile charging experience

Novelsys Ampere


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Philips Living Colors


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