elixxe® is a new healthy drink with an exciting new drinking experience. Together with our client we took their visual identity to the next level and created an innovative bottle design. Using our tool shop and blow molding equipment, we created  the first 250 bottles in house; ready for sale!

Simply boost your health, naturally

Our body has to deal with stress, mentally and physically, almost every day. We demand the maximum of our body. We often miss essential vitamins and nutrients to make ourselves feel energetic and fit. elixxe® offers a revitalizing drink that helps you bring healthiness into your daily routine. elixxe® is carefully composed out of 88 different vitamins, minerals, spores, amino acids, special plants and herbs in a unique, balanced mixture that regulates maximum resorption in the body and therefore generates maximum results.

Radical bottle design

The ingredients of elixxe® need to be stored dry & separately and mixed with water on site. To realize this, a unique fitting and innovative bottle has been designed and developed. The solution is a capsule that seamlessly fits the bottle neck, in which the ingredients are stored . Using our toolshop and blow molding equipment, we created the first bottles and capsules inhouse. After sleeving the bottle and filling it with contents, we delivered elixxe® a product that is ready for sale!

Bringing a new brand and product to the food market can be challenging. To support elixxe ® in this challenge,  we also helped them in getting a better grip on their brand story & visual identity.

Try-out now

elixxe® can soon be found at gas stations and kiosks so you can use it while you are on the go. For now, you can  easily order a try-out package from the webshop and build elixxe® into your daily routine. For more information please visit

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