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Unique product, unique bottle


Idea to reality and into production

For a unique recipe of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, unique packaging is required.

In order to bring the Elixxe beverage to the market, we took care of everything from the first packaging concepts to the first series production. With the combination of a unique bottle design with an ingredient capsule, the Elixxe drink is positioned distinctively on the store shelf. In addition to the premium beverage bottle, Elixxe also offers refill packs that can be ordered online. We have made clever use of a standard capsule and cap in the design, with which the packaging was prepared in a short time for first pilots and sales in the market.

Fixing the sealed capsule in the bottle was a challenge that was solved by using a specific preform. The production and assembly of bottle, label and capsule are realised in-house by our Pilot Factory.

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