Philips Living Color

Unique product with PET bottle technology


Plastic with a premium 'glass-look'

Philips Domestic Appliances, part of Philips Netherlands, had a challenge: can you realize a glass-conceived product in plastic, for with which fragility, weight and costs are optimal and allows us to develop a high-end consumer product?

Our solution: a design in PET plastic and with the same wall thickness as glass. PET material makes very good shock-resistant products at low costs. However, the technique had never been applied to thick-walled products (such as in glass) with high demands on the appearance.

Within a month, by innovatively applying an existing production process, we developed the first prototypes to prove that it is possible. Suitable for mass production, light and safe for transport.

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Philips Living Colors Matrijs
Philips Living Colors Mould

Philips Drachten

Innovation Lead – consumer products

We’ve worked with Pezy Group during the development of several solutions, where they have added their value over many years and covering multiple product groups. They are a broad skilled design & engineering team, with excellent capabilities in creative problem solving and mechanical engineering. With their in-house pilot factory for prototypes and tooling they can quickly turn around functional models, but also support small volumes series production.