Healthtech Product Development

From idea to series production

Project Management

Product development for healthtech products can be overwhelming due to many challenging regulations. We know how to work with safety norms & regulations like the MDR, ISO13485, and more. Our experienced project managers are able to manage the whole process from idea to industrialization. We have supported many multinationals and startups with development of new products up to market launch.

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User-Centered Design

With our aim to create a better future, we have designed and developed many products for disability aid, smart care, and medical tools & devices. User comfort and seamless usability are key drivers. Designing feasible concepts and demonstrator prototypes that look and work like real is our strength. This enables you to validate your proposition before we start development for production.

Plastics Engineering

Our expertise in complex plastic solutions is why many clients come to us. We have experience with engineering for difficult environmental conditions. With our in-house toolshop in Groningen, we are able to create (injection-moulded) prototypes and small series. This in-house feedback loop accelerates development and ensures outstanding engineering quality.

Cases in Healthtech Product Development

Startups & Ventures

We are a co-creation partner for the development of new hardware products for series production. Examples of startups we work with are: Hable, Revolve Air, and Braster. In some cases, we consider special ways to collaborate and possibly venture together with high-profile startups & scaleups.

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