Turning great ideas into great business

Pezy Group accelerates your innovation with a unique approach to turn great ideas into great business. For us, innovation is about creating new value and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about capturing opportunities and willingness to take risk. But what opportunity should you pursue and what risk are you willing to take?

These questions are especially important for product ideas that are new to the market. Ideas for which user insight, business case and practical feasibility are not validated and proven yet. To structurally prove and validate these important aspects of your new business, we created a unique 5 step-approach to identify opportunities and to increase the maturity of an idea. Each step reduces the risk level and brings you one step closer to a great business.

We accelerate innovation by applying in-depth knowledge (see competence) in well managed projects. Using multiple proven risk management tools like FMEA, DfSS, DoE and EPPs provide you maximum control and always keeps you in the driver seat of your project.