Injection Stretch Blow Moulding

Stretching proven technologies

By using our in-house tool shop with blow moulding equipment, feasibility is guaranteed throughout the entire development process and quick iteration steps ensure a fast and reliable time-to-market.

Small series production with blow moulding
We noticed that many people could not find a manufacturer for small series of blow moulded products. Often, manufacturers were mainly interested in high quantity production. Or, if they were, purchase obligations have to be signed later in the product development process. At Pezy Group, we offer small series production up to a 1000 pieces, including testing, mould making, and injection moulding of specific pre-forms.

Stretching proven technologies
A main benefit of using blow moulding as integral part of the development process is early proof of feasibility. This gives us the possibility to experiment with concepts and shapes that are completely new to market.

How may we help you?
Are you curious about how our blow moulding (prototyping) and rapid tooling facilities can help you accelerate your business? We cordially invite you for a guided tour in our toolshop and discuss the possibilities. Feel free to contact us for more information.