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Smarter watering

Dacom, a SME in the agricultural sector in Drenthe, offers individual growers and arable farmers all over the world smart data-driven services to grow crops optimally. With the Sensetion system, an optimal balance can be found in water-scarce areas between natural precipitation and irrigation of fields. Using analysys, the collected data is converted into concrete advice for optimal crop growth. We are both a development and production partner for Dacom.

The Sensetion sensors are continuously exposed to wind and weather. Especially for warm countries, the product must meet a high UV and chemical resistance. With a focus on a robust design in material and use and a modular product, a cost-efficient product has been developed. We produce the housing parts in our pilot factory and offer the desired flexibility for Dacom.

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Dacom Systeem
Dacom Sensetion weerstation in veld

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