Braster self-screening breasts

Screen your breasts comfortably at home

Product, app & packaging

Within one year market ready

Braster, a listed Polish scale-up, supports women in the risk group with a home-user product to screen breasts monthly. The technology had been developed, the product for the user had not. From an integrated approach, we developed ergonomics, user-friendliness, functional operation and the app. First in working prototypes for testing and then as a manufacturable product. Design, electronics, mechanics, housing, packaging and app were successfully realised within a year.

The Braster can operate with one hand, while you operate the app in your other hand. Ergonomics, instructions and comfort are balanced here. All materials used are chosen based on function, grip and comfort on the skin. By developing all product parts, the app and the packaging in parallel, the total development times have been shortened by four months.

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