Wavin Tigris MX

A durable and safe connection


A new product in the Wavin portfolio for the “hot & cold” market

Wavin Tigris MX – press fit couplers


The Wavin Tigris MX is a new product in the Wavin portfolio for the “hot & cold” market to connect plastic-aluminium pipes indoors.

Pezy Group has been involved in the development, engineering and creation of conceptual solutions for sub-functions such as locking. And we contributed to the development both in-house at Wavin and in-house at Pezy Group where the trial moulds were made entirely as well as the injection moulding of the parts.

Render Wavin Tigris MX







Nowadays, plumbing systems are installed in the interior brick wall of the house. This is possible because the typical lifespan of pipes and fittings runs into the decades.

However, any defect in a product will therefore lead to major damage. Therefore, products should be thoroughly tested and evaluated.

Wavin provides this as they focus on efficient and safe water supply from design to installation and maintenance.




Collaboration with Pezy Group


During the development phase of the project, Pezy Group provided test moulds for the plastic ring and produced samples with the help of the In house Toolshop. This was done to provide design and material variants in sufficient quantities to carry out extensive design verification tests.

Pezy Group also supported the industrial design of the ring and generated aesthetic features such as in mould branding and unique shapes and surface finishes.

Lastly Pezy Group supported the Wavin product development team in bringing the new product to the Polish market as an alternative to an existing competitive product.

Doorsnede waterleiding verbonden aan Wavin Tigris MX fitting



The major challenges were the large temperature fluctuations during operation, pressure cycles and assembly variations, as plumbing is still manual work. All these variations were taken into account during product development and testing.

Design solution


After much testing, the final product is a copper alloy inner fitting connecting the pipe ends by an internal press fit and on either side a plastic ring pressed over this connection by an external axial press fit. The plastic ring prevents the coupling from loosening. This results in a durable and safe connection.