Developing sample moulds

Northern Netherlands Partnership

Circular product development means applying in-depth knowledge of materials.

Pezy Group has received support through the subsidy VIA2020 from the Northern Netherlands (SNN) Partnership. This allowed for the development of two test moulds, which enabled us to test the quality of recycled plastic grades on various aspects such as functionality, adhesion and aesthetics. The test results give Pezy Group, and thus our customers, insight into the possible applications in which these grades can be used and what preconditions apply. In the past, Pezy Group already did tests with existing moulds to determine character properties. We get an even more complete picture through the latest tests, supported by the VIA2020 subsidy.

This subsidized project aims to strengthen our leading role in the (re)design of (electrical) consumer products with circular plastics. What is the appearance of recycled materials on high-gloss or textured surfaces? Can we apply a 2K solution based on recycled plastics? Such questions can only be answered in one way; test and learn. And that’s exactly what we do, to ensure the product meets your expectations and those of the users.