Smart Fluid Measurement-system

A real-life concept study to improve healthcare

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Connected demonstrators

The Smart Fluid Measurementisystem started as a study project of the Delft University of Technology and was further developed and validated in hospitals by Pezy Group. It replaces the manual process in hospitals of reading and recording patient urine output.

By measuring the weight of the bag by means of a load cell, the system registers the level of urine production every 15 minutes and shares this with the electronic medical record (EMR) with the use of a Bluetooth connection. If necessary, an alarm goes to the nurse’s pager. Furthermore, the LCD display shows how many milliliters have been produced.

Rapidly testing your propositions by building connected demonstrators can drastically reduce your turnaround time. Check out the Smart Fluid Measurement system we developed for our customer. A real-life concept study to improve medical staff workflow and to increase reliability of the system.

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