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Our in-house pilot factory

Thanks to our pilot factory, we have been producing “in-house” plastic products, our own molds and tools for product development for 25 years. As a result, we have built up extensive knowledge which allows us to cleverly put our ideas into production. This ensures an efficient design process, short delivery times and smart mold constructions.

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Cases in series production


Your idea in a (test)series?

Do you need a bottle? Or a complex composite product? Thanks to our plastics expertise, we can quickly convert your product idea into a first test series. From injection molding to blow molding, we have everything under one roof. This allows us to accelerate the development of your first product series for market launch.

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Flexibility in series production

Pezy Group combines the best of both worlds: the knowledge and facilities of an injection molding company and the mindset of a design agency.

Together with our specialists, we look for the most efficient production method that meets your demand. Whether it concerns 50 or 500,000 products, we can assist you in realizing your ambitions.

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