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A guide through the electronic side of developing a smart product

Smart products ask for a clever approach

Our experts share the five most important milestones towards a successful connected and IoT product launch

Pezy Group has more than 10 years of experience in developing smart products. These require logic, integrated sensors, and can be connected to other devices and the internet. How do you take your product from idea to a successful market introduction, always balancing technical feasibility, desirability and viability? Our experts guide you through the electronic side of developing a Smart product! Download the reader about smart products with the button below.

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Braster Tester en App
View of Smart Fluid Measurement System
Aurum Data Box

Do you want to accelerate your smart product development?

Here are the key benefits of working with Pezy Group
1. We have the ability to take your great idea from concept to mass production
2. All competences under one roof: electronics, mechanics, firmware, UX and project management.
3. Making the right design choices by always bringing them back to desirability, feasibility and viability.
4. Swift in‑house prototyping and small series capabilities in our pilot factory
5. Quality partner network

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