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Quva, a Dutch start-up founded in 2016, offers a countertop integrated solution for vacuum packaging food. Their goal? Combining the useful and pleasant by reducing food waste at the same time as creating extended and high-quality storage of fresh ingredients. But how do you integrate such a product in a way that allows it to be integrated into standardized kitchen systems? How do we get all that functionality through a small hole in the countertop? The design of the functionality, the vacuum pump and the compact roll-up system all had to fit in a small available space under the counter. The development of a demonstrator prototype with which we supported Quva in obtaining funding for further development, was crucial.

In addition to product development, one of the main challenges was to find and guide external suppliers. The focus was on achieving low product costs, a premium end product and achieving an ambitious time-to-market. Are you also looking for a party that can convert a complex product idea into realistic and patentable solutions?

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Erik Spelt

Founder of Quva

The great thing about my collaboration with Pezy Group is that I have found the right people at all stages of the development of our product, from design to prototype through to testing and supplier guidance. Pezy Group successfully helped our start-up towards funding and product launch

Quva Erik Spelt

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