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Benchmark research the Bluehour

In order to gain a better insight into which factors are decisive for innovating as efficiently and successfully as possible, we started a benchmark study in collaboration with The Blue Hour in autumn 2020.

Based on this research, we have gained a number of interesting insights. For example, where the bottlenecks in the field of product innovation lie. In this blog, we explain a number of outcomes that can also contribute to successful innovation for your organization.

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Working with us

Showcase Hable


Hable was looking for a partner who could help them bring the device to the market. This required expertise in product allotment and manufacturing of the hardware. Pezy Group had the right experience with mechanical engineering, plastics design, private allotment, and bringing products to the market. This was a good match since it was the goal to bring the device to the market as quickly as possible.

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Blog Hable

Hable en Pezy Group developed a braille keybord/ controller for a smartphone or tablet. Read more about the collaboration with Pezy Group and Hable’s motivation, mission and goals in this blogpost.

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Hable Product Development

Pezy Moldflow® team

Pezy Group has a Moldflow® team that can run simulations to check the manufacturability of plastic parts. In this article, we give an introduction about how Moldflow® can be a useful tool in the development process.

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PolyCE interview

Our colleagues Joop Onnekink, Jan-Paul van der Voet and Thijs Feenstra tell you everything about the PolyCE project: what the project entails, Pezy’s contribution to it, how we will implement the guidelines ourselves and how we can support our customers in the transition to a more sustainable product portfolio.

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Circular Product Development Pezy Group

Blog about time to market

Braster Product Development and app

During a development process, the components time and money constantly compete for priority. Both have one
great impact on the quality of the product. However, the quality of a product cannot be compromised in terms of product
development, as this always leads to negative consequences at a later date. Is it also possible to shorten the time-to-market, without increasing costs enormously? This is certainly possible.


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