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Blog Hable

Hable en Pezy Group developed a braille keybord/ controller for a smartphone or tablet. Read more about the collaboration with Pezy Group and Hable’s motivation, mission and goals in this blogpost.

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Pezy Moldflow® team

Pezy Group has a Moldflow® team that can run simulations to check the manufacturability of plastic parts. In this article, we give an introduction about how Moldflow® can be a useful tool in the development process.

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PolyCE interview

Our colleagues Joop Onnekink, Jan-Paul van der Voet and Thijs Feenstra tell you everything about the PolyCE project: what the project entails, Pezy’s contribution to it, how we will implement the guidelines ourselves and how we can support our customers in the transition to a more sustainable product portfolio.

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Circular Product Development Pezy Group

Blog about time to market

During a development process, the components time and money constantly compete for priority. Both have one
great impact on the quality of the product. However, the quality of a product cannot be compromised in terms of product
development, as this always leads to negative consequences at a later date. Is it also possible to shorten the time-to-market, without increasing costs enormously? This is certainly possible.


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