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New control panel

Inomatic is a specialist in electronics in special vehicles, automation technology, and industrial applications. With their devices, all additional elements of, for example, a fire truck are centrally controlled. The company is based in the city of Nordhorn in Germany and collaborated with Pezy Group and ICT Group for the product Mangora. This control panel can be set up entirely according to the customer’s wishes. With the Mangora touch screen, it is possible to operate the navigation system, control the special signaling system of special vehicles or create a direct interface to the digital radio.


Vacuum sealing food

Quva, a Dutch start-up founded in 2016, offers a counter-integrated solution for vacuuming food. Their goal? Combining the useful and pleasant by combining reducing food waste with the longer and high-quality storage of fresh ingredients. Crucial was the development of a demonstrator prototype with which we supported Quva in raising funding for further development. The focus was to achieve low product costs, a premium end product and achieve an ambitious time-to-market.


Ingu Pipers®

A smart and innovative solution

INGU’s Pipers® solution, innovative micro sensor technology and advanced data analytics, provide condition-critical data to optimize pipeline integrity programs. Free floating Pipers® keep operators in oil, gas, and water on top of wall condition, deposits and leaks in all pipelines, regardless of location, condition, materials or configuration, free of downtime and with a self-serve model. Headquartered in Calgary (Canada), INGU is the inline inspection partner for many of the worlds’ leading oil and gas companies.

Samsonite inova

Maximum volume, minimum weight

Samsonite has been producing luggage and bags for over a hundred years worldwide. The Inova range has been developed specifically for the Asian market as a high-end model with a corporate look. Within a minimalist style, the search was on for a cool and unique element. With a not previously applied anti-release side ribbing, we have created a unique design with functional strength. In close collaboration with Samsonite, the anti-release design has been optimised and developed for mass production through testing. The Inova has been part of the range for eight years now. With Samsonite we are working on various innovations in the field of rolling comfort, ease of use and smart features.

Samsonite Inova at Airport

Samsonite Inova TSA Lock

Bosch Security Conference System

Robust and slim design

We developed the high-end multimedia system Dicentis for Bosch Security Systems, an international player in the field of consumer and industrial products. Pezy Group provided specialist support on an IP basis for the engineering of various parts. The technical challenges which we developed the solution for, were the heat management of the product and an ultra slim and robust microphone design.
The robustness of the product has been optimised with FEM analyses of critical parts. For the dissipation of heat, a solution was developed with a bottom housing of die-cast aluminum. As a result, the entire bottom dissipates heat. A practical solution with a high-end product appearance.

Bosch Dicentis

Eneco Inventum

Power boost your boiler

Eneco is one of the energy companies in the Netherlands that develops new services in the energy transition from gas to electric. The Heat Winner (or Warmtewinner in Dutch), has been developed to make a contribution to reducing the gas consumption of central heating systems. In close collaboration with Inventum, producer of boilers and water pumps, and Toon, Quby’s energy monitor, we have developed the Heat Winner as a consumer product.

‘Develop a compact product, easy to use and install and make a design in line with the style of the Eneco brand’. Our final design fits the Eneco brand and gives easy access to the filter for annual replacement. The product interface is designed in line with Toon, Eneco’s smart thermostat, thus extending the Eneco product portfolio consistently.

Philips Living Color

Plastic with a premium ‘glass-look’

Philips Domestic Appliances, part of Philips Netherlands, had a challenge: can you realize a glass-conceived product in plastic, for with which fragility, weight and costs are optimal and allows us to develop a high-end consumer product?

Our solution: a design in PET plastic and with the same wall thickness as glass. PET material makes very good shock-resistant products at low costs. However, the technique had never been applied to thick-walled products (such as in glass) with high demands on the appearance.

Within a month, by innovatively applying an existing production process, we developed the first prototypes to prove that it is possible. Suitable for mass production, light and safe for transport.


TomTom Iveco Docking

Two clients, one solution

How do you integrate a TomTom Bridge tablet into the dashboard of the Iveco Daily Electric? Robust and theft-proof, quick to install or remove by the driver and able to charge during use in the holder. With a smart docking system we realised a simple and user-friendly single-push release. Unlockable via Bluetooth with a personal code. Sensors then check whether the correct TomTom is placed in the matching “car”. In the development of the design, we carried out usage and endurance tests with prototypes to ensure that the product and materials meet all requirements. The first series of 600 products was produced in our Pezy Group Pilot Factory.

Elixxe energy booster

Idea to reality and into production

For a unique recipe of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, unique packaging is required.

In order to bring the Elixxe beverage to the market, we took care of everything from the first packaging concepts to the first series production. With the combination of a unique bottle design with an ingredient capsule, the Elixxe drink is positioned distinctively on the store shelf. In addition to the premium beverage bottle, Elixxe also offers refill packs that can be ordered online. We have made clever use of a standard capsule and cap in the design, with which the packaging was prepared in a short time for first pilots and sales in the market.

Fixing the sealed capsule in the bottle was a challenge that was solved by using a specific preform. The production and assembly of bottle, label and capsule are realised in-house by our Pilot Factory.

Dacom Smart Sensors

Smarter watering

Dacom, a SME in the agricultural sector in Drenthe, offers individual growers and arable farmers all over the world smart data-driven services to grow crops optimally. With the Sensetion system, an optimal balance can be found in water-scarce areas between natural precipitation and irrigation of fields. Using analysys, the collected data is converted into concrete advice for optimal crop growth. We are both a development and production partner for Dacom.

The Sensetion sensors are continuously exposed to wind and weather. Especially for warm countries, the product must meet a high UV and chemical resistance. With a focus on a robust design in material and use and a modular product, a cost-efficient product has been developed. We produce the housing parts in our pilot factory and offer the desired flexibility for Dacom.

Are you looking for a one-stop shop for your product, just like Dacom?

Dorel Quinny Yezz Buggy

A 100% plastic frame!

Dorel, one of the largest international players in strollers and buggies, wanted to develop the smallest folding buggy with a 100% plastic frame. A challenge in design, construction and manufacturability. With our integrated approach in which designers and engineers work simultaneously on solutions, the balance between design, ease of use, manufacturability and construction has been found using simulations and strength analyses. The solution developed by us is based on a combination of material (Ixef®, a Polyarylamide) and a production technique with gas injection in the mould. With this solution, the Quinny Yezz has become one of the lightest and smallest folding buggies on the market.

Philips Avent Breastpump

More comfort with technique

How can we provide a more pleasant experience while expressing baby milk? By creating more comfort, convenience and tranquillity during use. Therefore, pumping with the Avent breast pump had to be quieter and less stressful.

To achieve these improvements, the mechanical pump in the Philips design has been made silent by a smart application of a TPE plastic suspension of the motor. Comfort is also increased by using skin and touch-friendly materials. To ensure that these solutions could also meet the strict product specifications, test parts were made and we analysed and optimised the critical parts with Moldflow software. After the product design was completed, we managed the start of production in the Philips factory in China.


Design from A tot Z

Clay, now Salto KS, was one of the first in the market to install electronically controlled doors wirelessly and provide access without keys. Access to buildings or spaces with limited access, but also homes can be managed remotely. Pezy Group designed and produced all the hardware for this digitally driven innovation. In this way, we ensured that Clay could enter the market with the first product within 8 months. In addition to supplying the product housings, solutions have been developed for the app interface, packaging, demonstration kits, brochures and exhibition material.

Philips 3D Shaver

The first 3D printed shaver on the market

With the 3D Shaver, Philips is the first to introduce a shaver body that you can personalise yourself. The project was set up as a “limited edition pilot” and was promoted via social media to test interest in the market. Consumers can personalise the shaver in shape and colour via the temporary site. With the real-time time tool you determine your own design, the colour version and choose the accessories that suit your personal needs.

Based on the latest possibilities offered by 3D printing, this “game changer” has been developed in close collaboration with Philips so that users can personalise their model online.

Philips Senseo Viva Eco

50% recycled, 100% quality

The Senseo Viva Café Eco consists of 50% recycled plastic. With this product, Philips wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to make beautiful, high-quality products from recycled material. However, recycled material has different properties than new material. How do you properly use recycled material? What should you pay attention to? How do you validate the quality of recycled plastic? In this project, we supported Philips in validating and learning to handle recycled plastic in product development and production. The knowledge developed in this project regarding material choices has been developed through extensive testing and injection moulding tests and is still the basis of other circular development projects.

Combining our extensive plastic knowledge with the production of test parts in our Pilot Factory forms the basis of design solutions. Developing test moulds, validating material samples and translating them into production moulds are important aspects of our work. For a smooth start of production. Provide support to the producer for the start of production with recycled plastics.


Wireless Value

Modular and circular in one

Wireless Value in Drenthe is the expert in the field of radio antenna technology and measurement data processing. They supply this wireless technology to industry, tech companies, factories, growers and laboratories. Measurement results are visible in real time and can be viewed from anywhere via your mobile or computer. The request? Reducing the product portfolio to four basic models that can deliver a range of designs. The result: a smart range with its own recognizable design made from recycled plastics.

We developed this multifunctional design by integrating multiple functions into one design made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This material does not affect the measurement of the diversity of sensors used and fully complies with circular design principles. This means that these casings are just as high in quality as previous casings made of virgin (new) plastic. The design contains both Design For Recycling as well as Design From Recycling principles.

Wireless Value

Braster self-examination device

Within one year from concept to market!

Braster is a listed Polish scale-up that developed an innovative device which enables women to easily and comfortably self-screen their breast periodically. Braster is a medical device that monitors the temperature changes in the breasts and measures fluctuations in temperature which may indicate malignant changes. Braster asked us to help bring the concept to a marketable product. Through an integral approach where ergonomics, function and an app are integrated into one design, we ensured the electronics, housing and app were production-ready within one year. Like all elements, the app and the packaging were developed simultaneously, we managed to shorten the development lead-time by 30%.

Aurum Sparqel

Insight into energy

Aurum is a young SME that provides digital data from non-smart energy meters for gas and electricity. The energy consumption of consumers and companies is mapped 24/7, making it clear where energy can be saved. The Aurum Sparqel provides independent insight into your energy consumption and all data gathered remains yours. As a start-up, it was important for Aurum to quickly bring the product to the market in order to recoup first investments. Pezy Group took on the  design and development of the entire physical product and prepared the product for production and market introduction.

In addition to product development, we developed a clear brand strategy, set up a new corporate identity and designed the packaging and commercial sales kits. After market launch, Aurum entered into a partnership with the Dutch National Consumer Association and this service is offered under the name ‘Huisbaasje’.

Smart Fluid Measurement-system

Connected demonstrators

The Smart Fluid Measurementisystem started as a study project of the Delft University of Technology and was further developed and validated in hospitals by Pezy Group. It replaces the manual process in hospitals of reading and recording patient urine output.

By measuring the weight of the bag by means of a load cell, the system registers the level of urine production every 15 minutes and shares this with the electronic medical record (EMR) with the use of a Bluetooth connection. If necessary, an alarm goes to the nurse’s pager. Furthermore, the LCD display shows how many milliliters have been produced.

Rapidly testing your propositions by building connected demonstrators can drastically reduce your turnaround time. Check out the Smart Fluid Measurement system we developed for our customer. A real-life concept study to improve medical staff workflow and to increase reliability of the system.