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What is injection molding?

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Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that is widely used in product development. During the process, a mass of molten granulate is injected under high pressure into a mold in an injection molding machine. The molten plastic then takes the shape of the product. When the material has cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened. This is done by moving the upper part horizontally. The ejectors then push the product out of the opened mold. Then this process starts again. After the injection molding process, the products require little or no post-processing.

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Which products can you manufacture with injection molding?

The most commonly used material in injection molding are thermoplastics. The molecules in this material move when they are heated. This makes the material liquid, after which it can be deformed. Injection molding can be used for almost any plastic product. For example, it is possible to produce packaging, car parts and components, and mechanical parts (including gears). Multi-component injection molding also makes it possible to injection mold products with multiple colors and materials. Pezy Group can injection mold multiple components. When multiple molds are used, it is also possible to produce large numbers of products per injection molding cycle.

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Costs of injection molding

The start-up costs of injection molding depend on the development and production costs of the mold. The price to start the injection molding process, therefore, depends on the complexity of the product to be injection molded and the material of which the mold is made.

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Injection molding in the toolshop

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