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Pezy Group is one of Europe’s largest product innovation agencies working for multinationals, established SME’s and start-ups. Based in the Netherlands, we serve clients all over Europe. Working more than 25 years in innovation we work with a solid network of suppliers in tooling and manufacturing. Pezy Group offers full-service product development with a team of specialists in design, engineering, electronics, and industrialization. With our in-house facilities for creating physical first-of-a-kind concepts, demonstrators, and small production series we can bridge the gap between early ideas and running production. Our drive is to speed up and de-risk innovation delivering quality products that work.

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Developing circular knowledge and experience in the application of plastics has been a driving force since 2009. By building demonstrators, testing materials, and applying pragmatic approaches we continuously show to deliver successes for customers in realizing circular products.

This is why Pezy Group has been asked to participate in the PolyCE consortium. At the beginning of this year, after years of research, we shared the latest guidelines on circular procedures.

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PolyCE guidelines on screen

PolyCE interview

Our colleagues Joop Onnekink, Jan-Paul van der Voet, and Thijs Feenstra tell you everything about the PolyCE project: what the project entails, Pezy’s contribution to it, how we will implement the guidelines ourselves and how we can support our customers in the transition to a more sustainable product portfolio.

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Circular Design and Engineering