Curious about topics such as CAD, smart products and more?

Value Engineering Approach

This white paper discusses a cost reduction strategy that uses material conversions to improve products without compromising their basic function; with an emphasis on metal to plastic.

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Circular Design Guidelines

Experts from the PolyCE consortium share guidance on circular insights, co-founded by Pezy Group. Learn more about “design for & from recycling” within the product development process.


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Developing Smart Products

Our specialists share the five most important milestones on the way to a successful connected and IoT product launch!

Pezy Group has more than 10 years of experience in developing smart products. These are connected to each other and to the Internet, requiring logic and integrated sensors.

How do you take your product from idea to a successful market launch, always balancing technical feasibility, desirability and viability? Our specialists will guide you through the electronic side of developing a Smart product!


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Utilizing Computer-Aided-Design

CAD has accelerated product development in recent decades. Designing in 3 dimensions is now the norm and will become even more essential in the future. The technical possibilities with digital 3D computer models and simulations will only increase. Therefore, it is important to take steps towards smarter CAD use, resulting in better quality and faster lead times.

Curious about how you can use CAD as effectively as possible?


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