Curious about topics such as CAD, smart products and more?

Circular Guidelines

The experts of the PolyCE consortium share the latest guidelines on the use of recycled plastics.


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PolyCE guidelines on screen

Publication about smart products

Our specialists share the five most important milestones on the way to a successful connected and IoT product launch!

Pezy Group has more than 10 years of experience in developing smart products. These require logic, integrated sensors, can be connected to other devices and the internet. How do you take your product from idea to a successful market introduction, where technical feasibility, desirability and viability are always in balance? Our specialists will guide you through the electronic side of developing smart products!


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Smart Product Reader Pezy Group

Publication about computer-aided-design

Smart productontwikkeling Smart Fluid Measurement System

CAD has accelerated product development in recent decades. Designing in 3 dimensions is now often the norm, but the technical possibilities will go even further in the near future. However, with some smart tricks we can already make a step towards smarter CAD use, resulting in better quality and faster turnaround time.

Curious about how you can use CAD most effectively?

Note: the CAD whitepaper is available in Dutch but you can contact us for more information in English!


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Benchmark research about product innovation

Werken bij Pezy Group

Organizations that develop their own products are innovating more and more. Although there is pressure due to the emergence of fast scale-ups and changing customer needs, Pezy Group sees plenty of opportunities in the field of product innovation for these organizations. In order to gain a better understanding of which factors are decisive for innovation as efficiently and successfully as possible, we have started a large-scale benchmark study. Curious about the most important insights about product innovation?

Note: the research is only available in Dutch but you can contact us for more information in English!

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