Powerful solutions by integrating competence

The core strength of Pezy Group is the multidisciplinary practical approach in solving innovation challenges.

Innovation Strategy & Design

Project Management

Development & Engineering

Prototyping & Demonstrators

Small Series Production

Sourcing & Industrialization

Innovation Strategy & Design

''We power the front end of innovation through a design-driven and collaborative process that translates your core competence into enduring advantage and agility.’’

Exciting experiences in feasible solutions

We fuel your pipeline with innovation that works. From the first moment, we integrate business, brand, design, technology, and digital needs to create total solutions. Uniquely, we can make dream concepts come true by leveraging 20 years of expertise in brand & user centric design, engineering and realization. Best of all, our close-knit international team is fast, helping you identify high potential ideas quickly and build inspiring design-solutions that empower people and enrich your brand. And, that energize the rest of the organization.

We make strategy tangible

The best strategy is one you can show. From startups to multinationals we make vision tangible in clearly defined value propositions, authentic brand identities, carefully crafted positioning, and designing unforgettable service touchpoints, user interfaces, products, and animations. We call this total-touchpoint design, and we orchestrate each moment your customer connects to your brand for a total experience. And we have the tailor-made collaborative tools to succeed together – in effective but and surprisingly fun energizing workshops. We pack this into a lean startup approach, to make the best strategy tangible, fast.

Project Management

‘From experience we understand the challenging balance between maximizing value and minimizing risk. We will manage this balance for you to ensure project success.’

Right decisions

Every innovation project is a complex quest, that in the end, need to result in a good product and successful market launch. During this route you will face many challenges and you need to make many decisions. By preparing and managing these decisions for you, we strive to make this complexity as simple and transparent as possible. Realizing your idea into an innovative product, with minimal risks and time-to-market, is what our experienced project managers do best.

Increasing value

From experience we know all pitfalls and do’s and don’ts in innovation projects. With our back-ground in product development we are able to quickly assess risks and respond adequately. We are able to organize appropriate execution power, ranging from strategic ideation all the way to implementation and industrialization of your complex innovation projects. With our support you will increase the chances of your innovation project.

Development & Engineering

‘’Our Development and Engineering specialists define, develop and realize clever solutions to make people’s life easier or more enjoyable.’’

Pushing boundaries

Our key strengths are in mechanical development and plastics engineering. With our integrated approach we push technological boundaries and realize groundbreaking solutions that are new to the market, resulting in distinctive products and optimization of special equipment or innovation processes. We possess all required knowledge, tools and resources in-house. This allows us to quickly deliver on our promise: Reliable and robust solutions for a minimum total cost.

Advanced simulation expertise

We combine fundamental engineering knowledge with advanced simulation expertise. By performing simulations as early as possible in the engineering process, we can explore and optimize a large number of different concepts.

Prototyping & Demonstrators

“Demonstrators help validating the intended proposition at an early stage, allowing you to develop the right product fast and efficiently.”

Examining feasibility

We make product ideas tangible by creating demonstrators. These are models that capture an intended user experience and that feel, look and work like an end-product.  In this way, the feasibility of your product idea can be examined in a tangible and convincing way.


We develop, built, test and improve prototypes in co-creation with our clients, in order to capture and validate the intended consumer insight. By combining our in-house tool shop with several rapid prototyping technologies such as Arduino and 3D printed molds, and by working together with top notch preferred suppliers, we deliver tangible solutions fast and efficiently.

Small Series Production

‘’By offering product development and small series production in-house, we offer customers various options to increase value and shorten time-to-market.’’

In-house equipment

Pezy Group has all the necessary in-house resources to carry out mould making, plastic injection moulding, blow moulding and prototyping. This enables us to deliver small series of end-products.

Delivering Tangible Solutions

In some cases, a small series will cover the entire production need. For products that are meant to be mass-produced small series may be used to prove the market potential with limited investments or to bring forward your product’s market launch with a 0-series.

Sourcing & Industrialization

“Innovation is the successful implementation of renewal. Therefore Industrialization & Sourcing has become integral part of our innovation process.”

From mind to matter

By keeping the intended manufacturing process in mind from the early start of a project, we ensure concepts can be translated into feasible, viable and reliable products. Our industrialization specialists and in-house (pre) production equipment enable us to deliver on our promise.

International network

Our people can help you find the right suppliers in Europe and Asia and guide the industrialization until products of a high and constant quality are obtained from a controlled process. We also have the resources to take care of the entire process and deliver the final products to your doorstep. With our offices strategically located in the Netherlands and Singapore, we have built up a network of trusted manufacturing partners, suppliers and distribution centers.