Blending smart design with maximum effectiveness

Zelmer | Smartmax

By observing the way people really use kitchen blenders we created a better and more versatile device truly fulfilling the Zelmers’ brand promise of smart functionality.

Zelmer, the Smart Max series

How to create a new hero blender for the growing upper middle class in Eastern Europe? Zelmers’ new blender had to be more powerful and robust, with enhanced multifunctionality and the effectiveness of a food processor. At the same time it had to be affordable and matching a competitive price point.

The result, the SmartMax serie, is the first and only hand blender with a 3-in-1 thermo-insulated food container and a special designed blending knife to minimize splashing.

Maximising ‘smart’

Our Pezy Group design and engineering team fully supported Zelmer in the development. From product use insights to initial concepts, detailed design to engineering, up to models and first prototypes to production support.

We took a close look at the use cycle of preparing food with a blender; usage before, while, and after blending. The insights we gathered steered the products’ innovation and development. Improved blender functionality is key for this concept – from preparing the device to easier storage – everything is designed to maximize functionality.

Sharing development knowledge for growth

Zelmer, a BSH group company, selected Pezy Group as a design and development partner after a thourough selection procedure.

Our solid experience in designing and  developing A-brand consumer products  made Zelmer chose for Pezy Group to be their innovation partner.

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