For one of our customers, we have developed a robust housing for the WiseMotes™; a sensor system that can be applied in inaccessible places like pipelines and underground reservoirs. By using our inhouse production equipment, we delivered end-products within just 6 weeks!

Measuring what you need

The wireless 1,5’’ WiseMote™ measures acceleration, rotation, magnetic fields and gravity. The device can measure up to one hour before the data have to be read out. The development, manufacturing and testing had to take place within 8 weeks which was a nice challenge.


In order to function optimally the weight of the WiseMote™ was an essential factor. This had a profound influence on the product architecture and the choice of materials. Besides this, impact resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance were challenging design requirements for our plastics experts. The goal was to make the housing, holding the electronics, as small as possible. ‘A great challenge’, according to one of our experts.

From idea to end product

Besides the complex product architecture and design requirements, the schedule was also challenging: From first intake till supplying the end products within only 6 weeks. This became feasible by doing it all in-house: from conceptual design to production and testing.

More information

Xploring Wisemotes

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