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Pezy Group was contacted by Vacuvita, one of the most successful crowdfunded start-ups of the Netherlands, with one seemingly simple challenge; to bring their high-end vacuum food storage device from first design prototype to mass production.

Fully automated

Vacuvita is a fully-automated kitchen system that enables people to prolong the lifetime of their food.  Although the concept seems simple, making this product ready for production was a journey that required ingenuity and perseverance. One of the key challenges was to develop a construction that would withstand the extreme pressure resulting from the vacuuming process. The high-end container with integrated vacuum pump creates a vacuum level strong enough to hold several tons of pressure.

Smooth and efficient

Together with Vacuvita,  Pezy Group developed the optimal construction and selected a glass reinforced material that would meet the extreme requirements.  Each decision was taken in close collaboration with Vacuvita while keeping in mind the product specifications, design and pricing consequences. Due to this intensive collaboration and  early stage functional prototypes Vacuvita managed to start the production process in a smooth and efficient way.

Delivering to the backers

This year Vacuvita will deliver their products to over 5000 enthusiastic crowdfunding backers that have been waiting  anxiously to get their hands on the product. Pezy Group is very proud of this joint achievement and will follow the advancements with great interest!

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