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SmartBalance Free Floor Standing offers the ideal solution for personally controlled, flexible and comfortable office lighting. By creating a technical feasible product architecture, we supported Philips in developing this high-end luminaire.


Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art LED technology, the SmartBalance offers not only increased energy efficiency and light output, but also a compact and clean design that blends into any environment.

Outperforming competition

Together, we created the best-in-class luminaire, outperforming the competition on all specifications. Due to a smart integrated connector in the pole, we have achieved easy one-man assembly of head and pole. Instead of using an off the shelf power button, we developed an all-new, low cost button which seamlessly integrates in the pole design.

Stretching boundaries

Together with SAPA, world leader in aluminum solutions, we stretched the boundaries of extrusion fabrication techniques in order to reduce the thickness of the luminaire to a minimum. The resulting component architecture is both cost effective and facilitates the cooling and mounting of LED’s in a sleek design.

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Philips Smartbalance

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