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Say goodbye to keys, and hello to a keyless home or office with Clay, the first cloud-based electronic lock system for homeowners and SME’s. After guiding Clay in building a brand and designing their products, we created and delivered a small series of sellable end-products.

New to the market

Simply use the MyClay app on your smartphone to open and lock doors anytime, anywhere. With Clay, managing security and access to spaces has never been this easy. Clay is an IoT startup with design ambitions, market knowledge and a big industrial partner. Building on these advantages, we brought a revolutionary new system to the market within eight months.



Optimizing useability

Clay is quick to install, simple to use and easy to manage, just configure your settings on the MyClay web app. Forgot your key tag? Simply call the system manager for access. We designed each element with close attention to the balance between reliability, security and ease of use, carefully considering both the end user and the professional installer.


From the ground up

To build Clay’s brand from the ground up, we developed Clay’s key brand touchpoints: brand identity, product and packaging, user interface, communication strategy and product brochures, all unified under one clear brand strategy.

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