Fugro Raildata

Safety and reliability are key words in railways operation. Quite reassuring, when you are travelling at high speed. By combining fundamental engineering knowledge with advanced simulation expertise, Pezy Group assisted in the mechanical product development of different railway scanning solutions for Fugro Raildata. Solutions that enable accurate and comprehensive 3D modelling of the railway corridor, above and below ground.

Rila 360

RILA 360 is a unique system used by Fugro for 3D scanning of rail track surroundings. Pezy Group was responsible for the mechanical development. The special frame allows mounting at acceptable working height. Integrated gas springs assist the operator while lifting the equipment.

With various FEM assessments the construction has been verified for extreme conditions. Pezy Group also arranged manufacturing and delivery of the equipment.

Rila Track

Rila Track is an innovative railway track measuring system. Pezy Group developed the carbon composite housing, the GPS antenna, and various production tools for optimization of production tolerances and lead time.

Furthermore Pezy Group has developed different coupling adapters, allowing the system to be mounted onto many different trains, including trains in the Netherlands, UK, and USA. CFD simulations were used to determine the wind loads on the RILA cabinet at various driving speeds and wind conditions. These loads were used as input for verification and optimization of the constructions by FEM analysis.



Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Pezy Group developed two frames for Fugro RailData for mounting GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) systems onto freight trains and inspection trains. Large portions of the frames are made with plastic parts, because metal constructions could interfere with the radar measurements.

With a team of 5 engineers the frames have been designed, detailed, analysed with FEM and released for manufacturing, in a lead time of only two weeks.

Modelling and simulation

Examples – FEM & CFD

Modelling and Simulation Rila 2

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