Quva is a revolutionary fully integrated vacuum device that delivers the best performance for preserving food at home.  Quva is the first vacuum food saving device that is fully integrated in the kitchen countertop, making it easy to access, use and discreetly put away. In bringing their product idea to life, Quva Products worked closely together with Pezy Group.

Looks, feel and works like real

Together, we created Quva in several development steps. What started as a  product design and functional prototype using Arduino and a card box, was later developed into a demonstrator that looked, felt and worked like the final product. This helped our client in raising funding for the next development steps and to quickly prove feasibility of Quvas’ critical functions. From the first drawing, Quva has been designed for mass-production. Thus, our client could make sure no insurmountable risks and uncertainties were pushed into phases where promises to investors and buyers had to be made. This makes the Quva project a true example on how to develop products according to a lean start-up approach.

User-friendly and reliable solution

Making the Quva system fit seamlessly in every possible kitchen was one of the great challenges in this project, both in design as well as in product development. The result is very good looking and extremely compact product that is easy to install; just drill a 4’’ hole and follow a simple six-step installation process. All you see is a 4.6” brushed steel disc. Simply press the Quva and it pops up to allow you to access the vacuum system.

Our product developers pushed technical boundaries to make Quva a reliable and user-friendly system. Critical parts such as: a clever liquid stop valve, a highly sophisticated tube winder and the easy-to-use pop-up system are great examples of truly clever engineering.


The industrialization and manufacturing of the Quva systems is a very capital intensive matter. To produce and ships the first batch of products, Quva Products is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. By supporting this campaign, backers can pre-order the Quva system at a discount and be the first to have it delivered to their homes.

For more information on this campaign and on how Erik Spelt, CEO of Quva Products, experiences working with Pezy Group, click here

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