Dorel | Quinny Yezz

We love a challenge! Designing the Quinny Yezz, the first fully plastic framed buggy by using IXEF® with gas injection moulding, resulted in the lightest buggy in the world!


Apart from its reduced weight, the plastic frame extremely easy to use. The Quinny Yezz can be folded using one hand, thanks to its smart folding mechanism. Once folded, it is extremely compact and can be carried over the shoulder by using the carrying strap. Very useful if you need your hands for your baby.

Smart design process

The product has been realized in close collaboration with our client Dorel. The initial idea was transferred to a product concept and after detailing the product was ready for production. During the engineering,  simulations were made with Creo Mechanism Design, Creo Pro Mechanica and Moldflow to find a balance between design, strength and manufacturability. In this way, the product was analyzed in the absence of physical components!


With our integrated approach we pushed technological boundaries and realized a distinctive product, that has been rewarded with several awards since it’s market launch in 2015!

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Quinny Yezz

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