Pulse Bike Navigation

Pulse, the No-Screen cycling navigator. Our designers and engineers intensily worked together to create this screenless navigation concept and built a fully functional prototype.

Unprecedented freedom

With the Pulse app and handle bar on your bicycle, you can explore the city with unprecedented freedom. Without constantly having to look at your smartphone’s GPS it allows you to discover, explore, and find the ‘Pulse of the city’. The product and app offers two main functionalities; you can use the app to explore the city at random or you navigate directly to a known destination.

Enjoy the ride

Simply select your destination or places suggested by the app and connect it to the Pulse handlebar. You can keep your smartphone in your pocket and let the handlebar vibrations and LED pointer guide you to your destination. Giving you maximum freedom to cycle and enjoy the ride!

Together we create

We started the project with two keywords in mind: bicycle and connectivity. With our designers and engineers, we collected insights and focused our area of study. Ideating together, we developed the whole working design concept and prototype for both the handlebar and the app.

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