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Philips Lighting | PowerBalance gen2

With the PowerBalance gen2 office lighting, users can annually enjoy great savings on their energy bill. Pezy Group supported Philips in the development of this innovative product. By using Autodesk Simulation Moldflow as integral part of the product development proces, time to market has been reduced significantly.

Smart Design

Compared to competing LED luminaries, the PowerBalance gen2 stands out in many ways. Through clever application of plastic we lifted this product to a higher level. Thus, the back of the luminaire is entirely made out of plastic, which gives it a very clean and recognizable appearance. No visible steel casing, but a smart plastic module that can easily be mounted in different configurations.

Cost reduction

Costs can not only be saved during the use of the product, also during development the costs of production and transport were taken into account. As a result, the product consists of fewer parts, is the assembly easier and faster , and due to its lower weight and volume, it is easier to transport.

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow

Moldflow played a key role in the designing the product. At different design stages, simulations offered us valuable input. The advantage of this integrated approach was that we were quickly able to present several proven product designs to relatively low cost. During development, we were able to check and optimize the geometry on several points such as warpage and chance of sink marks. This resulted in a substantial time saving during the production start-up.

At the end of the project, the client was still able to make changes to the preferred material. With Moldflow, the consequences for geometry and mold lay-out were made clear soon.  By a number of subtle changes, we were able to optimize the geometry for the alternative material and find the best injection points, without compromising on design and functionality.

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