Philips | Living Colors

The Philips Living Colors adds an extra dimension to every room. With over sixteen million colors to choose from, the right atmosphere can be created by the flick of a switch. To keep the costs of this high-end product at a minimum, we developed a new variation on the injection blow molding process.

High-end, low cost

This begs the question, how to make such an high-end light available to the greater public? To keep the costs at a minimum, the necessity of a new and improved production technique became clear.

Plastic sphere

We suggested to go for a plastic solution with the same look and feel as glass. The benefits in feasibility, cost price, shock resistance were evident. For making the bowl, we developed a new variation on the injection blow molding process to make it optically perfect.

Successful innovation

By systematically reducing risks and uncertainties and securing technical feasibility early on, an appealing and successful product was created in collaboration with several suppliers and the client.

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Philips Living Colors

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