No time to waste From design to delivery of finished products within just four months

Philips | GreenWarehouse

 Accelerating time to market asks for teamwork. Together with Philips Lighting, we translated the Green Warehouse product design into a functional and manufacturable product and we arranged industrialization and delivery of finished products within just four months.

Accelerating time-to-market

Philips was looking for a partner that could rapidly provide sensor housings for a new lighting system. According to their supplier the requested delivery period was not feasible. This would cause major problems and would delay the market launch.

We did everything to find a solution and accelerate the time to market of this innovation. This required a great effort from our engineering team as well as our industrialization experts. The shortened delivery time would only be feasible if we were able to manage the complete development process, from product development to delivery of finished products.

Team effort

Within a short period of time our plastics engineering and Moldflow team translated the Philips product design into a plastic product and mold design.

The mold design and one of our industrialization experts were then flown to our development partner in China to fabricate a production mold. After the first production tests in China, prototypes were sent to the Netherlands to be tested in our own test lab. When the products were approved we shipped the mold to Italy, where the first batch was produced under the guidance of our industrialization expert.

Because we were in charge of the entire development process, from design to production, we were able to adapt quickly and deliver the housings to Philips in time.

Philips GreenWarehouse system

The housing we developed is part of the Philips GreenWarehouse system. This system provides users with energy savings by use of a network of motion sensors. With this lighting system users can wirelessly program a system where the lights only switch on when and where warehouse employees are present. All other lights in the warehouse can be dimmed to a minimum of 10% of its power, or other comfort levels can be selected.

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Philips GreenWarehouse

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