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Philips | 3D Printed Shaver

Philips recently introduced the world’s first personalized 3D printed shaver. Through an online web tool consumers can now create their own personalized shaver design, with real time design feedback in 3D. Design colors and accessories can be adjusted to your personals needs and taste.

Game changing innovation

Pezy Group supported Philips in the design and engineering of this game changing innovation. After customising the design product, your shaver will be directly manufactured by Shapeways using 3D printing technologies.

Unique characteristics

The combination of the online tool, software and printing technology make new forms of customizable designs possible. The designs created by Pezy Group, are developed to showcase the possibilities of this technology. Our ‘Shell’ design is build up from a changeable open structure, thus generating a unique shaver design.

Pushing boundaries

With our vast experience in developing Philips shavers, we helped to explore the possibilities this technology offers. We designed several architectures and designs. Prototypes were build and tested with users to determine the best appreciated concepts. With this approach to product innovation Philips is taking a step towards implementing new ways of manufacturing leading to maximized customization and consumers involvement.



3D Printed shaver

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