Ola Mini-Freezer

An ice cream can be great for cooling down anywhere, not just on the beach. Ola asked us to develop a very small freezer for use in trendy night clubs. We created 25 fully functional mini-freezers in less than 4 months, ready for market placement tests.

Ola Mini-freezer

The Ola freezer is not much bigger than a microwave oven and has a freezer compartment for storing up to 65 Ola Rocket ice creams, while still leaving room in this compact product for the refrigeration unit, insulation, electronics and lighting components.

The perfect combination

We carried out a variety of architecture studies to satisfy the requirement of storing sufficient ice creams in the least amount of space. The freezer also required a trendy design so that it would not look out of place in an entertainment venue. The end result of the project was a table-top freezer offering a freeze temperature below     -18°C at outside temperatures of up to 40°C.

Fast results!

The entire project was completed within a short time frame: from first design to the delivery of 25 fully functional demonstrators took less than 4 months!

More Information

Ola Mini-freezer

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