Océ | Printer Carriage

Sometimes, thinking outside the box can result in radical improvement. For an Océ printer carriage, the switch from metal to plastics resulted in improved performance at vastly reduced cost.

Replacement of metal components

The printer carriage has replaced sixty metal components with one extremely accurate moulded part. Replacing many metal components and welding jigs with one single injection mould greatly simplified the assembly process. This reduced the total cost price of the carriage by more than 80%!

The use of plastics also offered the added advantage of a 40% mass reduction, resulting in a vastly improved printer performance.


Different mechanical requirements stipulated by Océ for the plastics carriage were influenced by specifications of the existing metal carriage. In open discussions between Océ and Pezy Group, it became evident that using the existing metal carriage as basis for a plastics variant was not feasible.

This encouraged us to think outside-the-box and integrate a variety of components and functions into a single plastic part. By using a carbon fiber filled plastics, we were able to meet the challenging mechanical requirements.

Plastics Engineering

In order to manufacture products of a constant quality using a stable process, an optimum balance should be achieved between product geometry, choice of material, process management and mould design. Pezy Group possesses all required knowledge and resources in-house, including a toolshop where we can manufacture moulds and carry out injection moulding. This allows us to produce quality products that perform the required function correctly, are reliable and for a minimum total price.

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