Cutting Edge | Lap Wii

Together with client Cutting Edge, we have developed a game that trains laparoscopic skills by the use of a Nintendo Wii. To make the training as realistic as possible, we conducted several function studies and created a series of demonstrators that work and feel like a real medical instrument.

The instrument

Laparoscopic instruments are commonly used during minimally invasive surgery. With this modern technique, operations can be performed through small incisions. It makes use of images displayed on a TV monitor to magnify the surgical elements. No large incisions need to be made when using this technique, resulting in a shorter recovery time for the patient.


Ergonomics have been a very important topic in the design of the laparoscopic controller. The placement of the fingers in the controller and the ‘eye’ that controls the scissor action, are ​​equal to an actual laparoscopic instrument. Through various ergonomics loops an optimum geometry has been achieved. A realistic training tool was born.


We  have been working on the design of the sensor housing and controllers, as well as the implementation of all functions. To make it possible to simulate a real laparoscopic instrument, a function study has been conducted on the positioning of the Wii Nunchuck and the Wii controller. During the development process, different prototypes were fabricated to demonstrate the concept at several gaming exhibitions.

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Lap Wii

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