Kettner Quality Products

Pezy Group was invited by professional equestrian Mrs. Elise Kettner to support her in building a business in high end equestrian accessories. The first product to be designed and manufactured was a bridle number system to be used by competitive equestrians. Easy to use, high end look, best in class!


A small team of our engineers and designers made themselves at home in the horse riding industry. Together with our customer they assessed different existing systems and developed two products and a unique number system to meet the requirements of the most demanding, Olympic athletes. The main challenge was to develop a number system that would fit on a luxury real leather product as well as on a more sporty stainless steel product. We have achieved this by creating an interface based on existing snap buttons and implementing this in the injection molded number plates. Pezy Group supported Kettner quality products with pilot production and production of the first sellable batches of products.

Brand touch points

The Pezy Group visual identity team developed the complete branding framework including the most important touch points. A beautiful presentation case was prepared to show the product to lead customers and opinion leaders in the equestrian industry at the Olympics in Brazil. Furthermore we designed the complete packaging line up.


Kettner products

In November the Kettner quality products business was officially launched through the company website. Pezy Group is proud to have contributed to the launch of a unique product range.

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