Eneco | Warmtewinner

Doing good made easy; all it takes is Eneco’s new small heat pump operating next to your home boiler. We designed the WarmteWinner™ in close collaboration with Eneco and Inventum.
 The product is the latest member of Eneco’s growing energy saving product family, with the potential to save up to 50% of your gas consumption for heating!

Unique product

The Eneco WarmteWinner™, Dutch for HeatWinner, brings proven heat pump technology available to the masses by focusing on the most important functionality; ‘producing’ energy from the air in your house. Together with Toon®, Eneco’s intelligent thermostat for your living room, the WarmteWinner™ will help reduce your household energy consumption to a minimum. 
Its compact size and easy of use makes the WarmteWinner™ a unique product in the current market landscape.

More Information

Eneco Heatwinner

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