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The condition of your skin can tell more about your health than you might think. In different surveys, it has been demonstrated that rapid skin aging can indicate conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure and cardiovascular diseases. In the development of an innovative AGE Scanner for wellness purposes (non-medical), Diagnoptics asked Pezy Group for support.

Enabling better decisions on personal health

The AGE Scanner from Diagnoptics detects aging of the skin in a non-invasive manner by measuring the tissue level of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). Measurement results can reviewed in the myAGEnow app through a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or tablet. The app shows the easy to understand result that compares the level of glycation with the mean level of people of your age. To control this level, different solutions (such as supplements) are available on the market. By regularly using the Diagnoptics AGE Scanner, users can easily monitor the effects of these anti-aging solutions and make better decisions on their personal health.


Pezy Group assisted Diagnoptics by taking care of the design, function development, and product architecture of the scanner. As the product is a handheld device, all components had to fit in the device in a clever way and ergonomics was a top-priority. By creating different prototypes our engineers were able to test the function and ergonomics in an early stage, enabling them to create the product as efficient and pragmatic as possible.

Consumer Product

The technology of Diagnoptics is widely recognized as a breakthrough but was previously only available in professional appliances. The AGE scanner is created to bring this technology to the consumer market. Thus, the product meets the emerging need for self-monitoring and personal care. Would you like to find out more about this technology? Then visit the Diagnoptics website for more information.

The Diagnoptics AGE scanner has been co-funded by SNN and the province of Groningen (Innovative Action Program Groningen-4).

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Diagnoptics AGE scanner

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