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Staying connected with the land and giving crops what they need, when they need has never been so easy, thanks to the Sensetion: A smart soil moisture sensor and irrigation app. From first design to in-house tooling and small series production, we took care of the entire project.

Intelligent sensor

The Sensetion is an intelligent, solar-powered sensor that measures soil moisture in arable land and transmits the data to a mobile app. With 24/7 access to the moisture needs of his arable land, Sensetion enables farmers to make smart irrigation decisions anytime, anywhere, and use up to 50% less water.

From mind to matter

Dacom’s mission is to support arable farmers by providing them with all possible data sources and by developing smart online services. We supported them in their first-time endeavor to develop a unique product in the agribusiness market. Thanks to our complete service with our in-house tool shop, we were able to deliver the physical end product within a short period of time.

Easy access

In creating the product, we paid special attention to ease of use for the whole system. Sensetion is easy enough to be installed by the farmer himself, and gives him easy access to valuable information on the water levels of his arable land via an Android- or iOS-powered smartphone.

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Dacom Sensetion

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