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Comecer is a world leader in the field of nuclear medicine and it specializes in management, processing and dispensing systems for radiopharmaceuticals. They challenged us to create a design for their Automated Multidose Injector system with the focus on operator safety and patient comfort.


With their new strategy to deliver solutions beyond technology and safety first, their Automated Injector System was the proper proposition to make this vision tangible. In co-creation with the core development team of Comecer, we realized a refreshing and innovative design.

Safe and comfortable

The main challenge was to create a distinctive design that stands out from their competition, based on their technology and knowledge within the field of medical devices.  We focused mainly on following the strategy of Comecer to deliver solutions that stand for patient comfort and operator safety. With this mindset we made the journey towards a total new approach on how the new Injector system should interact with both user, operator and environmental infrastructure.

Making strategy tangible

After a strategic session where we dived into the soul of the brand, gained user insights and explored the technology framework, we translated our proposed strategy into tangible design proposals. These first designs were put in consideration while fit for market and value for costumer were the most decisive factors. A final design direction have been selected by the board of directors of Comecer to elaborate into a final design.

The result is a both iconic and non-intrusive design. The design character itself in being flexible within laboratory and hospital infrastructure by a new innovative ergonomic very easy-to-handle user interface and fully motorized movement support. It attributes great importance to design intent as being non-obtrusive for the patient by the possibility to choose an exterior which suits the hospital environment. This contributes to make the operators job more serene and pleasant, also and especially in the doctor-patient relationship.

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