Braster gives women the ability to conveniently monitor changes in their breast and make better decisions about their personal health. Together, we brought this product from sketch to market within just 12 months!

Empowering women to know when to act

Braster S.A. has developed a breakthrough method for women to independently perform a monthly breast examination (in addition to conventional tests). Based on innovative technologies and telemedicine, Braster delivers automatically interpreted examination results via advanced IT solutions. This easy way of screening increases the chance to detect breast cancer in an early stage – a stage with a 98% survival rate. Unfortunately studies show that 40% of breast cancers are caught in later stages with significantly lower survival rates. The conclusion is that existing solutions are failing too many women. The key lies in knowing the changes in your breast tissue, so you know when to take action – and this is where Braster is state of the art.

A close partnership - from start to finish

Pezy Group supported Braster with turnkey solutions from strategy through to engineering in this extensive project. We crafted their brand strategy, design, engineered product, app concept, and packaging design in close collaboration. Starting from Braster’s technological principle, we helped transform this into an easy to use mass-produced product. We provided turnkey services in product prototyping, engineering and production support. With close cooperation and enthusiasm between Braster, the contract manufacturer and Pezy Group, we realized the launch of a complete product service combination within 12 months.

State of the art in a new product category

Consumers have never seen a product like this before,  so a key challenge was to connect all key touchpoints into an easy to use and cohesive experience: the brand story, point of sale packaging experience, product design, and app interaction. We worked with Braster to determine how to introduce such a novel concept to the market by doing market research and clarifying their brand and market strategy. Simultaneously we translated their technology into a minimal product volume and optimal architecture to suit the user and functional needs. Since the product will be used by a wide range of women it needs a clear and easy to understand interface and non-obtrusive appearance.  We thoroughly analyzed and helped define  the procedure of using the device, app and service. This resulted in an innovative connected product design and fundamental flow for app development. Ultimately, our task was to make the device and app work together as one seamless experience, integrating technology requirements while being mindful of a woman experiencing this new product category for the first time.

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