Aurum | Sparqel

The Aurum Sparqel is an independent home energy monitor suitable for almost all types of gas and electricity meters in the Netherlands. Within 99 days, we designed, engineered and built the Aurum Sparqel corporate identity, product hardware, user interfaces, and apps under a unified, clear brand strategy.

Simply enjoy savings

Are you looking for an independent home energy monitor that works with your current electricity and gas meter? The Aurum Sparqel gives you instant contextual energy information and helps your household save money. Enjoy savings of up to €200,- annually in just three simple steps: install, get energy advice, and set your personal energy reduction goal.




From a to z

We supported Aurum, a GDF Suez startup, in making early pivotal innovation decisions: giving insight into investment costs, brand positioning and consumer needs. Then we put the plan into action. We rapidly translated this strategy into the different touchpoints of their offering and took care of the entire development process of the product’s hardware.

Small Series

Using our toolshop, we manufactured different parts of the product in-house. That’s how we took care of the entire project, from brand development and design till delivery of tangible solutions.

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